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Monday, August 13, 2012

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

  Oh say can you see..., forgive me Frances Scot Key, the end of the Weinstein/Bean race to the bottom of the barrel of politics.  If for no other reason I am glad August 14th will be here manana because there will be a lull in the negativism that politics has become.  Every conversation I have had in the last three weeks that even skirted around politics has at least included a discussion on the terrible ads run by and for both campaigns.  One astute friend who knows them both said it was evident that they would never serve the people of NE Florida if elected.  It was clear to him they would be beholden to the political entities that put up the millions of dollars to get them in place for the respective bids for the Senate presidency.

  Shame on all of them for their purely self interested approach to governance and service!  And to hell with anyone who says I am simply naive for thinking so and childish for saying it.  What is the end goal here?  The betterment of Florida?  I would dare say not!  This is simply egotistical posturing for the selfish poppinjays that have become politicians in our fair state.

  Then, on top of that, I heard that the Janet Adkins campaign went after Cord Byrd with allegations he was gay!  No, wait!  It'll never stick, he's married.  Damn, what do we do now?  I know, suggest someone on his campaign staff is gay.  Really?  Is this what it has come down to in the NE Florida of 2012?  This is the primary campaign and it is already this bad.  What have we become?  We want to serve the public so bad that we will belittle mankind for the privilege of getting to the top.  If this is indicative of what it takes to get to the top there must be something much better up there than what is let on by those already in Tallahassee.  Is membership in this privileged club so rewarding that you sacrifice all to get there?  Maybe, those vying to get there had nothing to sacrifice in the first place.  You know - morals, ethics, integrity!

  The ends do not justify the means!  Not in a world based on thousands of years of Judeo-Christian philosophy and teachings.  These charlatans who proclaim their Christianity from one face while the other one, or in some cases one of their others, is doing all those things anti-Christian with their next breath.  Do they not realize there is a reckoning day - I call it a come to Jesus day - that we all face as we leave this life?  There is more to be lost than some local political race and it is their eternal souls.  For those who don't understand eternity it means forever, damn it!

  I hope there is voter turnout of an unprecedented level tomorrow!  Let these buffoons know they are being watched.  There are consequences for their actions and the voters are the ones who will permanently tattoo those consequences on their behinds.  We need good people who are going into public service with an emphasis on service to the public not their bank accounts and self interests. 


  Do your civic duty and let the fools know there are people who care!  Be the good Samaritan not the high priest who walked by because he couldn't get his hands soiled.

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