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Thursday, June 13, 2013

¡Viva la Cuba, Nelson that is!

            I have known Nelson Cuba professionally for a number of years.  He has always proven to be straightforward, ethical and dedicated to his assigned tasks.  Furthermore, he has proven to be good at what he does since the Fraternal Order of Police lodge has flourished under his leadership.
            Can he be abrasive?  Name a successful person who isn’t accused of that at some point in his or her career.  Has he made mistakes?  Nelson Cuba has never claimed to be superhuman or perfect to my knowledge and I have never noticed holes in his hands.  Has he undertaken his assignment with gusto and a liveliness previously unknown in Jacksonville?  Absolutely!
            Two hundred plus years ago many patriots put their lives on the line so that we would not be subject to convictions without meaningful trials.  Is Nelson Cuba not eligible for those protections because of who he is or what he does?  It is easy to accuse someone of a crime, charge them, arrest them and hold them up to public scrutiny.  All of these things can be done without the benefit of a trial by their peers and much harm is often suffered by the individual who has been accused.
            Only when a jury of people from the community sit in a courtroom under the direction of a Judge and hear evidence under the guidelines and rules promulgated by our society can a decision be made about his guilt or innocence.  Until then I suggest everyone sit back and allow him his time in court.  Nelson Cuba has worked a career to provide everyone else that opportunity and he deserves no less.  The tragedy to me is, if and when he is acquitted, will the bell tolling these allegations be “unrung,” will the Press talk as loudly and often of his innocence?  Time will tell!


  1. John thanks for standing up for a fair justice system. Strange how the state had to pass a law making Internet Cafes illegal after these arrests.

    I have know Nelson for many years, I trained him as a new police officer. He has done many good things over the years and I am afraid he will never be able to recover from this hit. The media dislikes him and will continue to degrade him , even if acquitted.