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Monday, July 2, 2012

Politics At Its Worst

  A few years ago I read a quote about Congress that was not attributed to anyone in particular but it described our current political status better than anything I've heard or read -"The problem with Washington is we have too many Democrats and too many Republicans and not enough Americans."  That pretty much sums up the story.  The obstructionism in Washington is unparalleled in history.  There is no interest in doing the business of the people for the best interests of the people it is all about achieving whatever goal the leaders have set.

  One should wonder why independent minded men and women who were strong enough to get elected to Congress would worry about the thoughts of their peers on what they are doing.  Simple!  Money.  The root of all evil.  Filthy lucre.  Thirty pieces of silver.  Call it what you will, that is what happens when the congress gets together.  The ones in power control the money through the PACs and the money doesn't go to Representatives that buck the party leadership.   It goes to those who go along.

  Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell admitted a couple of years ago his single most important thing to achieve was making Barack Obama a one term President.  Whoa!  Hold on there Mr. McConnell I thought the business of Congress was to run the country for the best interests of the people.  That hasn't been the goal since probably the days of President Nixon but for certain not since Ronald "Dutch" Reagan.  During Reagan's tenure he and Tip O'Neill got together on a regular basis for some old fashioned fun.  They and a few others had a few adult beverages, played some cards, smoked some cigars and agreed where they could and agreed to disagree when they couldn't agree on some policy position.  But, it was about the country as a whole not their particular parties.  No, not Mitch McConnell's Congress!  Not the House of John Boehner!

  What brings me to this is the recent Supreme Court ruling on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or whatever the official name of Obama Care is called.  "This is the wrong thing!"  "It needs to be pulled out by the roots and start all over!"  That is what the Republican politicians were saying on the Sunday morning news/talk programs across the channels.  There was no room for negotiation or modification or improvement.  No, just plain old we have to get rid of it and do so now.  The attacks that it was done in a partisan manner are ringing on deaf ears.  Everything in Washington now is partisan!  If there was a better way and a more fair approach why wasn't it taken when the Republican's had the majority in both houses or there were more congenial working arrangements?  This whole issue originated during the Nixon administration and the lobbying dollars were against it so the politicos were too.  That is what is driving this bus, the same old thirty pieces of silver.

  The Supreme Court ruled!  John Roberts, the Chief Justice that the neo-conservative right embraced with open arms was the deciding vote.  Get over it!  Move on!  Use the FIDO approach - forget it, drive on.  There are other more important issues facing our country than whether or not the health insurance industry is happy with the health care model we are going to use.  What about employment?  What about our slipping education system?  What about our military and its diverse set of fronts it is now engaged on?  What about Veteran's benefits for all those who have suffered in these multi-front battles we are waging?

  Congress needs to heed the advice of a WWII flight instructor to a scared cadet soloing for the first time.  "Grab your left ear with your right hand, your right ear with your left hand and pull your head out of your ass and fly the plane."  We are a country in great need of someone willing to fly the plane!


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