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Thursday, July 19, 2012

TV Interviews

   Last night was a particularly troublesome night for me.  It was the night before a jury trial which is usually a night with little sleep, a lot of work and even more stress.  What made it worse is that two particular TV interviewers that I don't particularly care for had guests on that I had to see - at the same time.

  Piers Morgan, the Brit wannabe Larry King, had Justice Antonin Scalia and some professor who co-wrote a book.  I more often than not disagree with Scalia, his way of thinking and, more so, his way of writing decisions.  But, I'll be damned if he's not a great guy and someone I would love to spend time with away from a courthouse.  He is a classic of his generation of Italian male Roman Catholics.  Justice Scalia is funny, intelligent, well spoken and definitive in his positions.  If you don't know where he stands its simply because you choose not to know.

  Sean Hannity, on his Fox News show, had George Zimmerman and Mark O'Mara.  I have to admit my first thoughts on hearing that were why any criminal defense lawyer would let his client go on national television and be subjected to questioning.  Others I know wonder why the Judge hasn't issued a gag order?  Well, color me surprised!  GZ not only handled himself well he answered questions appropriately, made eye contact and was seemingly thoughtful at the right times as the interview progressed.

  Being a near troglodyte when it comes to electronics I couldn't record either of them and had to count on the fact that each would be replayed during the wee hours when I knew I would still be awake and working.  I guess it was a rather lucky break.  I got to see both!  Enjoyed them both immensely for entirely different reasons and was impressed that there was something worth watching on weeknight television.

  GZ's disposition last night will serve him well if he has to take the stand in a second degree murder trial.  He did well!  O'Mara was there to divert areas of conversation that were potential minefields such as the perjury charge against his wife and to touch on some legal issues that Hannity raised.  I do realize if there is a potentially sympathetic audience it would be Fox News and their usually conservative leaning watchers.  But, all the same, GZ did what he needed to do and did it well.

  What a great night for TV.  Too bad it isn't being replayed tonight I 'd watch again!

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